Assingment: Day Two

Well, I changed my title and my tagline to something that seems more to the point and more personal. I am thinking about keeping the title: “Oliver’sOutlook,” because its is actually more in line with who I am, and what the true intent and purpose of this blog really is. I believe it leans toward a personal perspective that, as I become more accustomed to writing, and gain more experience, will be more in line with the information that will be presented.

As far as the tagline is concerned, it really sends a message, in mu humble opinion, as to what  the reader can expect by way of content that will be provided on my blog. It is my hope that tags such as: “understanding,” “direction,” “insight,” “future,” will captivate a person’s mind long enough to gain their attention.

The last one, “mankind'” was added because I believe that it gives one the sense that we are ALL involved in this thing, and we all should have a semblance of interest, and or, concern, about what is being said on this blog. At least that is my expectation.

Bye for now friends!


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I graduated from South Oak Cliff H.S. I joined the United States Air Force after high school. Worked in the Pentagon as an Admin Specialist, after which I worked for the United States Postal Service. I was accepted to attend college at East Texas Baptist, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. I am an ordained minister (House of God Inc. , Cincinnati, Ohio). My official title is Bishop. I have a degree of nobility (Doctor of Divinity) from The Christian College of Theology USA. My wife and I founded True Light Church of God in April 2006, where I currently serve as Sr.Pastor.

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